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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 13, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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attorney general loretta lynch, for real, loretta lynch will be here for the interview tomorrow night on this show. i hope you will join us for that. first look is up next. ♪ trump this morning met with carly fiorina, who was a bitter rival during the campaign. trump is supposedly considering her to be director of national intelligence. here's what carly had to say on her way out of trump tower. >> it was such an honor to meet with the president-elect. first i have to say he has really cool stuff in his office. all these athletes have given him this incredible memorabilia. i was particularly taken by shock o'neal's shoe. >> shock o'neal, you know. the guy from the movie "kazaam." >> donald trump continues to piece together his administration. this morning the president-elect
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says he'll make his choice for secretary of state which is expected to be exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. president obama makes an appearance on comedy central's "the daily show" and offers a veiled warning to donald trump about flying blind without proper u.s. intelligence. we're learning new details about testimony taking place in the trial of accused charleston church shooter dylann roof. law enforcement officials describe what they found in his car following that shooting. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. it is tuesday, december 13th. i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and lieu questions bergdorf. donald trump is expected to formally announce the choice of exxonmobil chairman and ceo rex tillerson to become the
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country's top diplomat. the official won is set to come this morning. trump announcing on social media last night. it was fooled by a facebook post from 2012 republican nominee mitt romney in which he said it was an honor to have been considered for secretary of state of our great country. my discussions with president-elect trump had been both enjoyable and enlighteningry of have very high hopes he will lead the nation to greater strength, prosperity and peace." sources tell nbc news donald trump had called romney to tell him he was not going to be nominated. >> the president-elect is turning to another figure with no previous experience in government service. tillerson was born and raised in texas graduating from ut austin where he studied civil engineering. tillerson joined exxonmobil 41 years ago in 1975 where he has spent his entire career. his life long passion has been
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the boy scouts of america. still listing his rank of eagle scout on his resume, and according to the dallas morning news he also served as president of the organization when it voted to allow openly gay youths to join their troops and earn their merit charges. tillerson became leader of exxon after spearheading projects in the united states, yemen, and russia, where he helped bring exxon into the post-soviet market partnering with an oil giant with a struggling state-owned company. this all leading to controversial ties with vladimir putin even as he has taken aggressive stance toward russia's european neighbors. despite early skepticism he will be getting high-profile support. "the washington post" reporting he will be publicly endorsed by ex-defense secretary robert gates and former secretaries of state condoleezza rice and james baker. this morning support for tell r tillerson, dick cheney expected
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to back him as well. >> and that's not the only texan joining the trump administration. sources tell nbc news that former texas governor rick perry is going to be nominated to become the secretary of -- energy, that's it. that's one of the departments perry said he wanted to eliminate as a presidential candidate, except that when asked about it, he couldn't remember it in a debate. yesterday trump announced a tightened up wall street, gary d.kohn, president of that company, will serve as director of national economic council. in a statement trump said kohn will be "my top economic adviser and help craft economic policies that will grow wages for our workers, stop the exodus of jobs overseas, and create many great new opportunities for americans who have been struggling trump also met with former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina as mentioned. a fierce critic of trump during the presidential primaries being
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considered for director of national intelligence. remember trump commenting on her face. amid talk of russia yesterday, she put the focus on china as america's top rival. >> spent a fair amount of time talking about china, as probably our most important adversary and rising adversary. we talked about hacking, whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. the high quality of people that he's named already says so much about his executive abilities but it also said that people recognize the opportunity that our new president-elect has to really make a huge impact on people's lives in this country and on events around the world. >> she mentioned china hacking and purported russian hacking. she didn't, interestingly, mention 400-pound guys on their beds who could be responsible for hacking. stick around because we will talk to carly fiorina about
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technology and the intelligence community, as well as her trip to trump tower, later this morning on "morning joe." the former chairman of hillary clinton's campaign is throwing his support behind requests by a bipartisan group of electoral college members who say they need more information on russia's role in the election before casting their votes next week. in a letter james clapper, the 10 electors, asked for the briefing saying the information directly impacts their deliberations of whether donald trump is fit to serve as president. john podesta, who had his personal e-mail account hacked leading up to the election, applauded the move, releasing a statement that read in part, the bipartisan electors letter raises grave issues involving our national security. electors have a solemn responsibility under the constitution and we support their efforts to have their questions addressed." during an interview that aired on "the daily show" last night, president obama was asked to weigh in on this comment from donald trump over the weekend explaining why he didn't need the daily intelligence briefings.
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>> i don't have to be told -- i'm like a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years. in the meantime my generals are great, are being briefed. mike pence is being briefed. i'm being briefed also. but if they're going to come in and tell me the exact same thing that they told me -- it doesn't change necessarily. there will be times where it might change, there will be fluid situations. i'll be there not every day but more than that. but i don't need to be told the same thing every day, every morning, same words. sir, nothing has changed, let's go over it again. i don't need that. >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do another once he's here, because the truth of the matter is that it's a big, complicated world. it doesn't matter how smart you are. you have to have the best information possible to make the best decisions possible. if you're not getting their
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perspective, their detailed perspective, then you are flying blind. part of what we have done is to just hammer away at the basic principle that intelligence shall not be subject to political spin. and i'm very proud of the fact that over the course of the eight years, the message i've sent to every intelligence agency is, i want it straight. >> several of the president-elect's past tweets criticizing president obama over the daily intelligence briefings are get some attention like this one from september 2012 where he tweets, "priorities. while fund-raising and campaigning on our dime, obama has skipped over 50% of his intel briefings." this one from 2014 where trump posts, "fact, obama does not
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read his intelligence briefings, nor does he get briefed in person by the cia or dod, too busy i guess." >> the man reportedly under consideration by president-elect trump for the number two job at the state department is clarifying his allegations that the election hacks being blamed on russia may actually have been a diversion by the obama administration. over the weekend former united nations ambassador john bolton said potential breaches could have been a false flag operation by the white house. speaking yesterday bolton denied he meant to imply the obama administration may have been involved. >> what has been misreported about yours truly for reasons which i find hard to understand is that i accused the obama administration of conducting the hack. that is absolutely false. let me be clear. i am not saying that the administration was responsible for the hack. i do worry about the politicizing of intelligence in this administration, looking at what happened at benghazi -- >> the cia could be politicized?
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>> i think it certainly came out at a very convenient time to conclude it was russia at a time trump was being criticized for what he was saying about putin. a false flag conclusion is not simply based on cyber fingerprints or where the electrons are. this is a political decision about who stood to benefit. >> president-elect donald trump has postponed this thursday's news conference where he was expected to address any conflicts of interest pertaining to his business. in a series of tweets last night trump wrote, even though i'm not mandated by law to do so, i will be leaving my businesses before january 20th so that i can focus full-time on the presidency. two of my children, don and eric, plus executives, will manage them. no new deals will be done during my terms in office. i will hold a press conference in the near future to discuss the business, cabinet picks, and all other topics of interest. busy timesed." a senior transition source tells nbc news the announcement has
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been delayed until january. news of the castle lation was first reported by bloomberg. trump transition officials told the publication no new date has been set for the announcement but it is set to take place prior to his inauguration, january 20th. the republican-led committee to investigate the 2012 benghazi terror attack has shut down and ceased operations. when the committee publicized its findings in june, the report found no new evidence of wrongdoing by hillary clinton, who was secretary of state at the time. the committee submitted its official final report to congress last week. though some democrats criticize the timing. congressman elijah cummings, the top democrat, called the final report "a desperate rehash" saying republicans voted on this partisan report five months ago but delayed filing it and completing it until after the election. congressman trey gowdy, the chairman, called the report "the final definitive accounting" of the attack. the benghazi panel was created in may 2014.
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it spent more than $7 million investigating the benghazi terror attack. new information this morning on the gunman who confessed to killing nine people inside that south carolina church last year. according to testimony from a former state law enforcement officer, dylann roof had a handwritten list of other churches and their addresses inside a backpack he was found with upon his arrest. other items found inside his car, a confederate flag, an american flag that had been burned, empty ammunition boxes, and a laser attachment for a gun that the witness says helped with accuracy. testimony continues later this morning. roof faces the death penalty if convicted. still ahead, major league baseball cracks down on hazing. plus a couple of lawmakers behaving badly, including former illinois congressman aaron schock, who's pled not guilty to federal charges. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back.
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good morning. former pennsylvania representative chaka fatah has been sentenced to ten years in prison for what prosecutors called a white-collar crime spree. a federal jury convicted him in june on 23 counts, including conspiracy, fraud, bribery, racketeering, and money laundering. in 2007, he took an illegal $1 million loan to help finance his failed 2007 bid for philadelphia mayor. then illegally used hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal and charitable funds to help repay part of that loan. he also used campaign funds to pay for his son's student loans and took a bribe from a friend who wanted to become an ambassador. fatah had served nearly 22 years in congress before resigning after being convicted. former illinois congressman aaron schock has pled not guilty to charms he illegally used campaign and government funds to support his jet set lifestyle.
2:17 am
shock was indicted in november on 24 counts including nine counts of wire fraud, six of filing false income tax returns, and theft of government funds. a conviction on a single count of wire fraud carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. you may recall shock spent tens of thousands of dollars in government money lavishly decorating his capitol hill office in the style of downton abbey. >> well, it looked good i guess. weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. it was a little too much for my taste, a little. >> your reaction was worth it though. the cold is the story over the next couple of days. in some areas we'll see some of the coldest temperatures they've seen in nearly a year. it will be significant. right now this is like the warm-up act. kind of the opposite of that. this is the windchill advisory. there's five states under that. 2.5 million people. right now we're looking at windchills in the negative 20 to negative 30 range. if you had exposed flesh, takes about 30 minutes for frostbite to occur at temperatures like
2:18 am
that. warnings is when it gets worse than this. negative 20 for a windchill in bismarck. you can see how widespread it is. negative windchills through nebraska, iowa, back here through wyoming, through montana, and now they're starting to move through the great lakes. the cold is finally starting to head not just in the northern plains but starting to spread east ward. green bay at negative 5. detroit is down to 1 for your windchill this morning. so we're going to call this one the siberian express. this air, the origins of it, came all the way over from siberia, moved over the north pole, heading down through canada. as we track windchills, this is going to be this afternoon. this is high temperatures on the left. this is how the feels-like temperature to the right. minneapolis a high of 9, windchill negative 6, even during the daylight hours. chicago's going to feel like 15 and 6. so you get the idea how chilly it's going to be. we go into tomorrow morning. green bay windchill negative 6. cleveland has a windchill of 4. indianapolis only has a high temperature tomorrow going to be around 20 degrees.
2:19 am
this is wednesday afternoon. notice the worst of it around madison at negative 13. still in the negative 20 range around fargo. finally by the time we hit thursday, it arrives in areas of the east. temperatures will plummet during the day in cleveland, windchill negative 8. new york city around 17 with a windchill. as we go through thursday night into friday it gets worse. thankfully over weekend things will rapidly improve. today's forecast, we do have a little bit of light snow. careful out there. areas from st. louis through illinois and indianapolis, we have a little bit of white snow, a coating. enjoy the warmth in areas of the east, by far this is the warmest day we'll have until sunday. >> 17, i can't complain considering what our friends in the northern plains are having to deal with. >> it gets worse. d.c., new york, boston, through thursday afternoon, friday morning, that's when the windchill will be single digits. >> okay, thanks for the heads-up. still ahead, the new england patriots overcome a sloppy second half during last night's game against the baltimore
2:20 am
ravens. all the highlights from "monday night football" next in sports. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
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>>. patriots hosting the ravens on "monday night football." new england showing off all facets of their team in the first half after the defense backs up baltimore into the end zone for a safety. their special teams saved three points by blocking justin
2:23 am
tucker's 34-yard field goal attempt. the ravens kicker's first miss of the season. a pair of offensive touchdowns and one-yard rush by legarrette blount followed by a sic-yard strike from tom brady to malcolm mitchell that gives new england a 16-0 lead. baltimore picks up some steam at the end of the second quarter after intercepting brady at the goal line. just the second pick thrown by brady all season long. they head to the break with three points on the board. while the patriots offensive machine continued to roll in the second half, new england turned over back-to-back fumbles on special teams. they led to baltimore touchdowns. the ravens coming within three points of patriots midway through the fourth quarter but new england has a big answer. brady connecting on a 79-yard pass to chris hogan. a third touchdown for brady to go along with his 406 yards through the air. the patriots improve to 11-2 after the 30-23 win. regardless of the loss, it was an especially somber night
2:24 am
in the ravens' locker room with the news of former baltimore tight end colin ruin's death, passed away in california last night. he had been fighting for his life after suffering a brain aneurysm on november the 28th. reuland played four games for the ravens last season. the rams have fired head coach jeff fisher one day after a 42-14 blowout loss at home to the falcons which dropped l.a. to 4-9 on the season. the defeat was the rams' fourth straight and the 165th of fisher's career, tying a dubious nfl record right there. special teams coordinator john fassel will take over as interim head coach for the remaining three games of the season, the first coming on a short week this thursday against the seahawks. turning to major league baseball. the league and the players union are set to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement. it reportedly includes a section banning hazing. according to the associated
2:25 am
stress prohibits teams to dress rookie players as women or female characters. the hazing which typically occurs at the end the year rituals was described by commissioner rob manfred as "insensitive" and potentially offensive to a number of groups. to the action on the nba court, a big game off the bench, terrence ross who put up a career high 25 points at home against the bucks last night. demar derozan led toronto with 30. scoring the first of a 14-2 run in the final period that helped the raptors pull away with a 122-100 win. while ross did impress the 2013 slam dunk champ was perhaps a bit overzell lulls with a wide-open look in the fourth, going to the huge wind mill slam but he's denied. ends up just being a fancy pass, bouncing off the rim, into the hands of a teammate. looked pretty good anyway. some action on the ice in what we call a hockey home run in the penguins matchup against the coyotes last night. to pittsburgh where the
2:26 am
penguins' sydney crosby bats a deflected puck out of midair into the back of the net in the sec, amazing. crosby's league-leading 21st goal of the season, just one of the seven pittsburgh scored in last night's shutout win against arizona. i really like that shot there. >> yeah, that was good. also that slam not. >> not slam. >> the baseball guys, i mean, how old are they? i mean, frat boys? >> that was a good thing to get ratified. >> yeah, i think so too. still ahead, quest diagnostics, a medical lab company, says the personal health information of thousands of customers may have been exposed in a new hack. the syrian regime has extended its grip on aleppo, capturing a major district from rebel fighters. ♪ this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and lewisbuouis burgdorf. . >> the trump transition, the partly cloudy is expected to officially name exxon ceo rex tillerson as his choice for secretary of state. that will happen later this morning. sources tell nbc news former texas governor rick perry has been tapped to lead the third agency that he infamously forgot the name of during a 2012 presidential debate, the department of energy. one more addition to his economic team, the head of
2:31 am
goldman sachs gary kcohn named director of economic council. a recount about it has come to an end. wisconsin officials announced the recount was complete and trump actually picked up 162 votes. a judge in pennsylvania rejected stein's recount effort, clearing the way for the state to certify trump's victory there. in michigan the state supreme court denied stein's appeal to restart a recount. the white house said president obama will not declassify the senate report on the cia's treatment of detainees. senator die than feinstein led the effort to make it public but white house council says the president will instead archive the so-called torture report. requests to have it declassified can be made after 12 years. top republicans in congress are joining the growing list of lawmakers who are calling for an investigation into whether russia sought to help tilt the election in donald trump's favor. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul
2:32 am
ryan both announced support for the probe yesterday. just hours after the president-elect once again refuted the cia's conclusion that moscow mounted a covert intelligence operation to help him defeat hillary clinton. speaker ryan released a statement that read in part, any foreign intervention in our elections is entirely unacceptable and any intervention by russia is especially problematic because under president putin, russia has been an aggressive that constantly undermines american interests." mcconnell says any potential breach by a foreign government is simply "disturbing." >> the russians are not our friends. invaded crimea. senator mccain and i and some of our democratic friends met with the delegation from the baltic countries just this past week. to say that they're nervous about the russians, to put it mildly. the senate intelligence committee on which i am the chairman of the armed services
2:33 am
committee sit is more than capable of conducting complete review of this matter. and senator schumer will soon join us on the committee and he can review this matter through the regular order. i think we ought to approach all these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> senator schumer for his part released a statement shortly after mcconnell's comments saying in part, "this issue should not and must not turn into a political football. it is absolutely essential that this investigation be bipartisan, wide-ranging, and have access to all the relevant intelligence." president obama weighed in on the allegations by the cia saying the news isn't that shocking, especially given the relationship between trump's team and russia. >> none of this should be a big surprise. this was reported on before the election. i don't think there was any doubt among anybody, in the
2:34 am
media or among members of congress, as to who was being advantaged or disadvantaged by the political gossip that was being put out in drip, drip, drip fashion leading up to the election. the president-elect in some of his political events specifically said to the russians, hack hillary's e-mails. so that we can finally find out what's going on. confirm our conspiracy theories. you had what was very clear relationships between members of the president-elect's campaign team and russians. and a professed shared view on a bunch of issues. >> the president added that russia's efforts to try and
2:35 am
influence elections goes back to the soviet union and e-mail hacking wasn't an especially fancy form of espe naun. president-elect donald trump's likely choice for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson, is expected to face tough questions on his foreign business deals, particularly over his relationships with russia. top members of the republican foreign policy establishment are coming to his aid. "the washington post" reporting that ex-defense secretary robert gates and former secretaries of state condoleezza rice and james baker will vouch for tillerson, echoing joe amica's reporting from yesterday on "morning joe." former vice president dick cheney is also expected to voice his support as well. yesterday senior advisor to the transition kellyanne conway put tillerson's ties to putin into perspective. >> the relationship between exxonmobil's tillerson and vladimir putin of russia, it depends what that relationship is. it's a business relationship. and as the head of exxonmobil, he goes where the oil is, he goes where the jobs are.
2:36 am
it's not as if they're intimate friends, godparents to each other's children. i think this is getting blown way out of proportion. >> conway confirmed yesterday she turned down a high-profile communications role in the trump white house. conway the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign said she declined to become the white house press secretary. turning to syria where the battle for aleppo is nearing an end. the syrian government is in control of nearly all of eastern aleppo, previously held by rebel forces. the latest fighting has left the streets "full with dead bodies" according to the volunteer aid group white helmets. keir simmons is joining us with more, somber news from there. >> yes, very disturbing reports coming out of eastern aleppo, alex. good morning. they are saying at the u.n. that they believe that 82 civilians have been shot on the spot in four areas of eastern aleppo.
2:37 am
they're talking about a complete meltdown of humanity in aleppo as syrian pro-government forces enter homes and move through that area. this of course an offensive to take back aleppo led by the syrian government and backed by iranian forces and by russian air power. the white helmets you mention have been tweeting overnight saying, 100,000 plus civilians have packed into a tiny area, bombing and shelling relentless. in another tweet, all streets and destroyed buildings are full with dead bodies, it's hell. another tweet, at this moment we stand as a reminder, humanity will always prevail and defy dictato dictatorship, we will not kneel. but those inside who are managing to communicate with the outside say women and children are among those who have been killed, who are dead. this looks as if the end of this
2:38 am
standoff between rebels and the syrian forces in aleppo. >> unimaginable horror. thank you very much from london for the update, keir simmons. senator john mccain says while he agrees with donald trump's criticism of the cost of lockheed martin's f-35 fighter jet program, the president-elect does not have the authority to cancel the deal. mccain, chairman of the senate armed services committee, says a deal cannot be terminated when funds have already been allocated or appropriated in congressional terms. however, the senator said the president does have the power to reduce future purchases. trump attacked the f-35 program on twitter yesterday saying the cost of building the next generation fighter jet had spiraled out of control and vowed that billions of dollars can and will be saved on military and other purchases after january 20th. shares of lockheed martin fell pour% at one point yesterday, reducing the company's market
2:39 am
value by $4 billion, ending the day down 2.5%. the company told reporters yesterday it "welcomed the opportunity to address any questions the president-elect has about the program." according to cnbc, the impact of trump's tweet per character was more than $28 million. total cost for the f-35 program, including research, development, and construction, reached nearly $340 billion as of december 2014. still ahead, hollywood is buzzing about the golden globe nominees. one of the big takeaways, the new slate of nominees is diverse. bitter cold gripping much of the nation. as bill harkarins says, the mai event is still days away. updating the forecast next. to do the best
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welcome back.
2:43 am
bing crosby may have been dreaming of a white christmas but with almost two weeks to go lots of folks are asking, when's this going to end? nbc's ron mott reports. >> reporter: digging out, blowing it off. before another blast of snow and cold later in the week. >> overnight it has definitely compacted and turned into ice. and it's hard to get off of your cars, it's hard to get off the streets. >> reporter: across the midwest, the northeast, and new england, loads of snow and sheets of ice. >> delta 724, we just went into the grass. >> reporter: a dangerous combination that sent this delta jet sliding off the runway in detroit, and cars crashing into one another in a series of pile-ups. a dozen injured near flint, michigan. >> i got hit from the front and back four times and got hit from the side. >> reporter: in iowa, two brothers were killed. more than 3,000 flights canceled over the weekend. >> my flight was canceled so i had to rebook with a different
2:44 am
airline. >> reporter: this season, already very different from last year. in december 2015, the amount of snow in new england was minimal. this year, a near white-out and it's also much colder. new york has had three days with below-average temperatures so far this december. minneapolis six. chicago seven. next up, a plunge into the deep freezer for 28 million americans. temperatures 10 to 30 degrees below normal. and another snow storm sweeping across the country, reminding americans of winter's swift approach. >> with that we bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins who really has explaining to do about all this, come on. >> we were so lucky last year, a powerful el nino which means warming of the waters in the pacific. we had one of the warmest winters we've seen. two or three years ago we had a harsh winter so this looks to be somewhere in the middle. compared to last year it's already looking like, wow, it's winter. because last year was so
2:45 am
nonwinter. the windchill is going to be the problem. we're not dealing with much in the way of snow the next couple of days. windchill advisories, it's cold especially in the northern plains. it's been a week of this. they're getting used to it. windchills from the negative teens to the lowest spots or negative 22 this morning. what's different is that now this air is on the move. the high pressure, you can see the wind arrows, everything's going from the west to the east. the southern half of the country for the most part is going to avoid this next big cold blast. it's going to move to the north and slide through the ohio valley, yate lakes, by friday into areas of northeast. one of the interesting things is remember, we had a really warm november. all great lakes are very warm. it makes for cool pictures as we get this really cold air going over the lakes. it makes it almost a little steam as the water's so warm, it lifts and condebses and you can see the pictures there. there's a good image of it. you get that sometime in the smaller lakes in areas of the northeast in the early winter
2:46 am
soap. the other story, what's going to actually warm much of the country up is going to be this air out of the pacific. here's hawaii. we call this almost the pineapple express. this is going to bring heavy rain into california. this storm eventually is going to push the cold air out and away from the country. get ready for a big rain event in california. beneficial rains but too much, too soon, could lead to flooding problems. as we go throughout the day today, rain will move in, especially tonight, all day long. almost like a hose of rain coming into northern california. some spots could pick up 4 to 8 inches of rainfall. again, great to fill up the reservoirs but we don't want too much, too soon. we could deal with isolated flooding problems in california. and eventually we will see that storm moving across the country with some snow friday and saturday. so you get the picture. cold outbreak, a little bit of snow. >> i like the term pineapple express. >> it's a cool one. pineapples in hawaii. awards season is in full swing as this year's list of golden globe nominations was released yesterday.
2:47 am
"lala land" starring ryan gosling and emma stone leads with seven nods. "moonlight" scored six. the diversity of this year's lineup is what was getting the most attention yesterday. >> alicia! >> reporter: a year that started with another oscar so white controversy is ending with a diverse list of golden globe nominees, seven of the 30 film acting nods. >> i get 18 years of my life to stand in the same spot as you! >> reporter: viola davis and denzel washington in "fences." to 98 roam mijares in "moonlight." >> i think it's been a very strong year for movies that reflect the black experience. >> reporter: april rain created the hash tag oscars so white in 2015 when all 20 acting nominees were white. the same thing in 2016, prompting an oscars boycott and a searing monologue from host chris rock. in response the academy pushed to diversity its membership,
2:48 am
inviting more than 600 new members, 46% of them women, 41% people of color, hoping to avoid an oscars so white trilogy. >> i think we will not be seeing a repeat this year. if we do, then there's going to be even more controversy than there has been in the past. >> women do some things at nasa, mr. johnson. >> reporter: many of the movies earning praise this year were in the works before oscars so white. for rain, one strong year does not mean the hash tag is going away. she hopes hollywood studios will make more movies about all underrepresented communities. >> it's not a black and white issue, it's a representation issue. for all those who should be able to see themselves on the screen as they pay their money to watch from the audience. >> reporter: a push for more diversity in front of the camera, and behind it. that was nbc's joe friar reporting. there were a few major snubs. "finding dory" did not make it
2:49 am
into the best animated film category. netflix's "house of cards" received zero nominations for the first time in the show's history. >> that is surprising but i think a lot of us feeling love for the underwoods myself included. still ahead, the day's business headlines, including hacking that's exposed medical information of thousands. a gut-wrenching story from nashville, a terminally ill 5-year-old asks santa for one last wish before dying in his arms. >> kids look at things completely different. he was more concerned about missing christmas than he was of dying. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
2:50 am
you got it! what do you think? if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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welcome back to a major drama on a flight leaving detroit yesterday morning caught on camera of a woman being dragged down the aisle of the plane by police. the airport released a statement saying assistance was requested for a passenger who would not comply with boarding and baggage check procedures. when officers arrived on the scene the airport says the woman refused repeated requests to leave the plane and was eventually removed by force. the airport says the woman was arrested and that charges are pending. >> that was a strange video. let's turn to business. medical lab company quest diagnostics says it's investigating a hack that exposed the health information of over 34,000 people, including names, dates of birth, and lab results. cnbc's than nancy hungerford joins us live from london. what are we learning about this hack? >> so far the new jersey-based
2:53 am
company quest diagnostics has said an unauthorized third party accessed that information through its app called my quest 360. that does contain laboratory test results but some good news here, it doesn't contain any credit card information or the social security numbers are not a part of that hack. nevertheless, this will be a cause of concern for those who use the app so quest diagnostics has said they have informed authorities and investigation is currently under way. elsewhere, big news in the media space. sumner red stone and daughter sherry red stone have stopped approaching a merger plan to combine viacom and cbs, two companies that have been split over a decade and part of a huge public campaign to bring them together. we're hearing from the red stone family which holds over 80% of the voting rights in both firms they do not think the timing is right. a huge departure from comments from sherry redstone last month that she thought the timing had
2:54 am
never been better for the two to come together. they named an interim ceo as a permanent ceo. making big news in the clean tech space, billionaire investor bill gates announcing a $1 billion new climate fund, going to be investing in everything from clean energy products, transport, and everything having to do with combating climate control. we're seeing other big names involved in this investment, including amazon ceo jeff base zoes and alibaba chairman along with a linkedin chairman. bill gates will be discussing more on this clean tech fund in an exclusive interview on cnbc at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. >> he's concerned under trump administration, less is going to happen on the environment. nancy, good to see you, thanks very much. here comes a tear jerker of a story. yesterday a man that plays santa claus in knoxville, tennessee, told nbc affiliate wbir a heart wrenching christmas story about how he granted a 5-year-old little boy's dying wish of celebrating christmas one final
2:55 am
time. >> he just kind of looked at me and said, you know, they tell me i'm dying. just kind of looked like he had that look on his face like he wasn't really grasping it, you know? i'm like, can you do me a favor? he's like, sure. sure! you know, that kind of thing. he says, you get up those pearly gates, you tell them you're santa's number one elf. he like, i am? you sure are. i'm sure they'll let you right in. he goes, they will? i says, i know it. and he up and gave me a big hug. i had ahold of him, he says,
2:56 am
santa can you help me? and that's when he passed. >> matson said he was ready to hang up his santa suit after the experience but he found the strength for one last children's show adding, when i saw all those children laughing, it made mes. the role i have to play for them and for me. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
2:57 am
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and before we toss it to "morning joe" a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. president-elect donald trump set to announce his pick for secretary of state this money. sources tell nbc news trump has picked exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as expected. law patients have raised concerns about tillerson's close business relationship with russian president vladimir putin. in a pennsylvania courtroom, a hearing will center on whether 13 women who say bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them will be allowed to testify to establish a pattern of behavior. >> i'm still trying to recover from the santa story. if people haven't seen it, it
3:00 am
truly is worth revisiting on the internet. that was a santa who just did the right thing. >> absolutely. bless him. that does it for us on this tuesday. i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and and "morning joe" starts right now. the relationship between exxon mobile's tillerson and vladimir putin and russia, and it's a business relationship and as the head on exxon mobile, it's where the oil is, and i think this is getting blown way out of proportion. >> it's tuesday, december 13th. we are counting down to something. >> what? >> christmas? the holidays? with us on set, nicholas -- >> 12 days. >> hi, mika. >> 12 days until christ


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